On Tuesday there was a print workshop in the MA studio where we had to gouge out images into pieces of wood and then print them onto paper in red, yellow and blue on a letterpress. I was quite unprepared for this. I knew we had a ‘mono-print workshop’ but it hadn’t occurred to me to find out what this actually was. I had to find an image to gouge out at breakneck speed and looking in my bag found a copy of Medea that I had been using for my allegorical illustration research. So I did that and it was a piece of shit, it really was. I got RSI from all the gouging and towards the end became quite crazed, one eye on the clock for school pick up, the other on the phone as the builders kept ringing because the alarm was going off and also PTA Whatsapps and so on. The technician was very kind and encouraging of my efforts, treating me like a clueless tourist who had wandered into, well, a mono-print workshop by mistake.

I have made progress on my first project settling on Medea given the wealth of visual opportunities that abound. I’d looked up Helen McCrory playing Medea because she was a good one. And I thought I’d put my trees in, attempting to curry favour with the professor given that she said she digged them in my interview. But I did all these sketches of crazed women and it was not good. Too literal.

So I thought, bears. I’ll do it as bears. A Chorus of Corinthian Bears, Medea as black bear in a sort of blood red velvet dress, a bear dressed as Jason with a Golden Fleece flung over one arm and a Centurion’s (not Greek) helmet on with his bear ears sticking out and then two little sleeping bears…

I sent a picture of the sketch to my former tutor and barometer of good ideas, Julia, after having very lengthy brainstorm involving a children’s orchestra and lots of other mad shit.

She replied: haha 👌🏿

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