The Dwarf Planets.

The Dwarf Planets. Illustration by me.

I remember once having a lot of ambition but recently I seem to be lacking it. This struck me yesterday while I was doing something in the kitchen.

So I sat down at the table and thought about why that might be. I stared at the opposite wall and my eyes fixed themselves onto the A1 poster of the Solar System we put up for Hubert and I studied all the planets.  Did you know that Pluto is no longer considered to be a proper planet? Its status has been downgraded to ‘dwarf planet’ because astronomers found a bunch of little planets far far away and decided to call them the Dwarf Planets and included Pluto in this new category. Who authorised this fundamental change in nomenclature? I was brought up on the belief that there were nine planets.

Then a terrifying thought hit
me.  What if Mars suddenly broke free from its orbit and came hurtling towards Earth and crashed into it, blowing it to smithereens.

What use is ambition then?


  1. It’s nor Mars you have to worry about, it’s the sun going all red giant and consuming the entire inner solar system. My son recently made us move his bed further away from the window for this very reason….


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