Insanity Boots

Insanity boots. Illustration copyright (!) Mrs Bovary 2016.

Insanity boots. Illustration copyright (!) Mrs Bovary 2016.

The first sign of madness: buying boots you can neither afford nor can you wear in any practical fashion.

The second sign: Painting a picture of them.

The third: Putting the picture you painted of the boots on the blog you continue to write but that no one ever reads.

For one reason or another madness abounds. It abounds mainly due to the delirium caused by catching a particularly malevolent cold from my new friend, Francesca*, during a richly traumatic playdate last week. Normally I would go full voodoo on a person who did this to me – especially at a time when I was beginning to believe that I had a superhuman immunity (madness, madness) – but given that she is pregnant with Number Two and is bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath I will leave the voodoo for now aware of what will soon befall her, on which subject I have been as silent as the grave. I’ve become one of them; a conscious non-divulger.

Baby Olivia is 10 months old tomorrow.

* fabricated name alert. God I’d kill to have an actual friend called Francesca. I bet she’d be utterly horrible to me to my face AND behind my back ♡


  1. Anthea

    Ohhhh my goodness I read your blog! I’m so happy when I get a new post delivered to my inbox. x


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