Bovary’s Sunday Style 23* – Bar Coat

Dior's Bar Coat
Bovary’s Bar Coat based on Dior’s Bar Coat

I’d better not talk about high fashion. I have no business meddling in it. But I’m going to talk about it a little bit only because I wanted to show you a drawing I did for my friend. She asked me to do a drawing that she could use for work and because she works in fashion it had to be a fashion drawing. I asked her who her favourite designers were to help me along. She said Raf Simons for Dior among others. I looked up his work and found the Bar Coat that he did a few years ago. I reckoned that it was a pretty timeless piece and would help her drawing endure. So I drew my friend in this coat, standing on a magazine because she is a stylist. (I’ve left the magazine out of the drawing above, but you can see the full illustration here).

I like the idea of a Bar Coat very much. A coat for the bar … Exotic! The poster-garment for the Mum-Wear Resistance Movement. It makes a difference from the Parka for the park or the Nikes for the nursery run; the Duffle to pick up the dry cleaning. I think that is a mode of dressing to aspire to, particularly if the bar in question is one of those low-lit, wood-pannelled, black-waistcoated affairs like the one in the Connaught. It wouldn’t even have to be this particular coat but just something that coats with shit loads of attitude – as timeless and evocative as the clattering about of ice cubes in a crystal tumbler, shifting down.

This sort of thing would do the trick.

Dior’s Bar Jacket and pleated silk shorts as seen in VOGUE, February 2014.
Black smudge marks on scan – Hubert.

I just need to do a few more (hundred) drawings and then I can buy one.

Clink clink.

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